The Love Reaches the 9th Grade of Peak Prep

How do you teach 27 9th grade boys the importance of healthy eating? How do you tell those who think their invincible that decisions they make today will impact them for the rest of their lives? How do you make whole grains and omega-3s sound better than Doritos? I walked into Peak Preparatory unaware of what I was about to get into. The classroom was filled with young men dressed in a school uniform and I knew I needed to wow them.

I jumped right in and showed them a quick, but moving clip, from John Robbins ‘Diet for a New America.’ It was downhill from there…and the snowball effect took place. I engaged with them with issues that impact all of us on a regular basis: cancer, heart attack, diabetes and empowered them with the knowledge of how to pick and choose what food they fuel their bodies with. Then, just like that, 30 minutes later it was over. They had discovered a new delicious breakfast, could tell me the importance of regulating insulin levels, and why whole grains are better. They shuffled off to their next class, while my veins pumped with adrenaline.

The sheer delight of seeing that light bulb (even if it only last momentarily) is the greatest reward. I knew I always was going to be some kind of teacher…I just never realized it would be looking like this.

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