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Sometimes, I wish I had an endless supply of money at my disposal.

“Ummm, Courtney, I’m pretty sure the rest of the universe is in the same boat as you…”

Alright alright, sure, we could all use a little extra money every now and then, right? But earlier this morning, as I was picking away at the remnants of my shellac manicure and wishing I could just go and get another one, I couldn’t help but think about how nice it would be to have some extra spending cash on hand to do things like that.


Yes, that’s what they looked like almost three weeks ago. This is what they look like now…


But honestly, up until yesterday, they still looked just as good as the first day, just a bit grown out. You’re actually supposed to go back to the salon and have the manicure “soaked off,” but I, umm, am lazy and have been picking mine off. Woops.

So anyways…I got to thinking about more about that endless supply of money and the little things I would splurge on a daily/weekly/monthly basis:

  • Weekly mani/pedi appointments
  • Monthly massages & facials
  • Daily iced coffees from Dunkin’ Donuts, Flavour Café, or Starbucks
  • A cleaning service
  • A personal chef who would cook me a gourmet meal twice a week
  • A personal trainer (I want someone to seriously kick my butt!)
  • Someone to mow my lawn and pull weeds
  • Someone who will put away all my laundry once it’s clean (my least favorite part!)


That was fun! But before I sound too needy or greedy…let’s move on to lunch, shall we? It was a good one.


Considering yesterday’s goodie package of Love Grown Foods granola, I couldn’t resist not digging in today. I paired more of the Raisin Almond Crunch flavor with a vanilla Chobani, strawberries and blueberries.


I guess I’m already gearing up for the holiday weekend? Smile


Along with my yogurt bowl, I enjoyed some carrot sticks and a leftover corn muffin which was still as amazing as ever. I really think I have a cornbread problem…do they make AA for that? Would it be called CA? Maybe CLA (Cornbread Lovers Anonymous)?


Geez, I can be such a tool.

Question for the Afternoon…going along with the beginning of this post:

If you had an endless supply of spending money, what daily/weekly/monthly indulgences would you splurge on?

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