5 Tips to Stress-Free Traveling

As the holiday season draws near, we add more complications to our already-busy lives with travel, family, and heavy meals. There are no bullet-proof methods to avoid issues when you travel, but there are ways to make it easier and less stressful. Below are my TOP 5 suggestions to incorporate into your travel planes to maintain your health and sanity.

1. Wear comfortable clothes. This doesn’t mean dressing like a slob. I travel in yoga pants (I just discovered Victoria’s Secret Classic Yoga Pant (they even come in long) and they are only $29.50) and LOVE them. These sleek, black, boot-cut pants go great with boots and a sweater, while also keeping you comfortable for long periods of sitting.

2. Long Lay-Over? No sweat, stretch it out! Airlines aren’t perfect, and these days to save money often means flying through unnecessary cities just to keep costs down. This also means long lay-overs. Take advantage of this time. I look for a deserted gate (close to mine) and sit on the ground and stretch (another reason to wear yoga plants while traveling). Even 20 minutes to stretch out some major muscle groups (i.e. hamstrings, quads, groin, neck), twist my spine, and rotate joints is key to easing travel tension (physically and mentally). If you are driving for more than 3 hours, take some extra time at a gas station to stretch.

3. Pack your own snacks. This is SO important to keeping healthy and not arriving at your destination bloated and regretful of the junk that fueled you during your trip. Check out my favorite healthy travel snacks. Most importantly always have fresh fruits and veggies and then find some wholesome, healthy snack foods (look for whole grains and low sodium/low sugar treats.)

4. Hydrate! We forget to drink enough water when we travel. Whether we are trying to avoid too many bathroom stops or it simply slips our mind, this is one thing NOT to forget! Traveling through various climates, being exposed to airborne illnesses and using more energy that we think, water is vital to keeping your body feeling good and your mind feeling fresh. Plus, it will also help relieve the puffiness that sometimes accompanies long travel. So drink up!

5. Wash your hands. Hundreds of thousands of people are traveling every minute of every day…meaning germs are on everything you touch! From the handrail to the doorknob, one of the best things you can do to stay healthy is consciously wash your hands with warm water and soap (be sure to scrub for 20-30 seconds to kill all germs). Hand sanitizers and wet wipes only go so far. To this day, the best form of hygiene is good ol’ soap and water.

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