Spreading the LOVE to William Smith High School

Last week I had the honor of spending two days at William Smith High School teaching their entire 9th grade class about the importance of not only eating healthy, but also preparing your own food. High School is a tough age, but also such an important age to really drive home the importance of fueling our bodies right. To begin to really understand that we are what we eat and that we can control our physical, mental, emotional state (to a larger degree) based on what we put in our mouths is empowering (and daunting). It is also during this time when young adults begin snacking on their own. To show them how to choose healthy snacks…or even better, how to make their own snacks is a huge step in the right direction.

I showed the students how to bake very easy Blueberry Love Grown Crisps using only 5 ingredients and that it can be baked right in a toaster oven! This SUPER fast and easy recipe is a great way to show students how cooking can be quick, fun, easy and rewarding!

Check out the recipe!

Check out some of the AWESOME pictures from the groups baking:

Measuring Ingredients

Getting Ready for the Bake

Topped with LOVE GROWN FOODS = Whole Grain and MADE WITH LOVE!

Team Work!

Once the crisps baked, the were enjoyed with yogurt making a perfect breakfast: good protein from the yogurt, great antioxidants and fiber from the blueberries and good complex carbohydrates from LOVE GROWN! The crisps were a hit! The students couldn’t believe how good their cooking tasted and the favorite response I kept hearing, “I can’t wait to make this for Thanksgiving for my family!” SO EPIC! Mission accomplished!

Because the students were SO awesome we sent them each home with a bag of LOVE so they could re-create the recipe of LOVE at home! It was a GREAT couple of days!



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