Pumpkin Banana Bread Oatmeal Topped With Love!

The below is courtesy of our LOVE Blogger Courtney of SWEET TOOTH SWEET LIFE:


Considering last night’s “dinner” selection, I actually found today’s breakfast cravings rather interesting. I thought for sure I’d be all set for another egg and cheese, but as it turns out, I wanted more peanut butter…in the form of OIAJ.


I whipped up a batch of my usual Pumpkin Oats (not the voluminous ones – I wasn’t prepared last night) but minus the banana. Unfortunately, the only bananas in our house right now are barely yellow and do not work well for mixing into oats.

Luckily, the addition of a crumbled slice of pumpkin banana bread, raisins, and some Love Grown Foods granola helped make this a super delish batch. (<—*Fun Fact: Jay hates when I say “delish” – it drives him bonkers).


I also made a couple layers of the bread, granola, and raisins in the jar, which made the second half of my OIAJ soooo much better than usual. Why have I not been doing this all along??


Unfortunately, a little spillage happened this morning…


Thank goodness the whole mug didn’t go. That would have been devastating.

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