Love Grown Foods Will Be in 40 King Soopers/City Markets!

The other week Alex and I drove down to Denver for an important meeting with Kroger. Dressed in business attire (yes, I was even wearing high heals) we delivered a presentation as to why Love Grown Foods should be in more stores. Mentioning that we are selling about 1,000 bags per MONTH at City Market in Aspen, and how there is a growing demand for healthy food we pretty much killed it! The man we spoke with seemed very impressed and excited to be a part of such a young, energetic company with great potential.

About a week later he contacted us with the news that they want Love Grown Foods to be in 40 King Soopers/City Markets come January 2010!!! This news not only thrilled us, but was also a wake up call that we need to figure out the next step in our journey.

The next few weeks we plan to crunch numbers, research equipment, and make calls to prepare us the best we can for the storm that is soon to hit! We cannot even express how exciting this is, nor can we thank the people who have not only tried our products, but continue to buy them on a daily basis!

Thank you to our friends for being so supportive! Thank you to our parents who have given us encouragement, love, and many hours of help in the kitchen! And thank you to everyone (near and far) who has made Love Grown Foods a staple item in their pantry!

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