Logo Madness

10 months from our initial baking session, we were truly pursuing all of the details that make a successful business. We registered our business, got licensed, got a tax ID number, and started looking into commercial kitchens. The next big step was finding a designer who we would want to work with to create our brand name. The way life works out is truly remarkable, because it turns out that we have a good family friend who happens to be a great designer. For a very affordable price we signed a contract for her and her business partner to design our logo, our bags, and our website. It became clear that we were breaking ground!

Though excited, this initial process has also been tedious. I cannot recall how many logo mock-ups we looked at, analyzed, and over-analyzed. There has come a point where everything seems to be blurring together and I swear my head is spinning in circles. We finally, however, found “the one” and it feels like such a huge relief.

Our next big step is finalizing our recipe and making sure it is the exact representation of wholesome, healthy, and delicious that we are looking for…

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