What We Love

We are not only business owners…we are consumers ourselves. Starting Love Grown Foods gave us a great sense of appreciation for other companies and businesses. Below are some of the things we use day in and day out as well as some of our favorite businesses that we promote regularly. We strive to support businesses and companies that are ethical, all natural, and a true reflection of Love Grown Foods. They say, “You are what you eat.” The same thing applies to what you wear, what you use, what you surround yourself with. Love Grown Foods is on a mission to educate our consumers, while spreading the love to support more companies that are determined to accomplish similar goals: MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE WITH HEALTHIER PEOPLE. Check out what we love below!

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TOMS Shoes

We LOVE our TOMS Shoes, we LOVE what this company is all about and we are stoked to be sportin’ TOMS as our company shoe! Our entire team has them…and they are even branded with LOVE GROWN FOODS. These comfortable shoes not only are the perfect shoes to slip on anytime, anywhere…but for each pair of shoes purchased TOMS Shoes donates a pair to children in need. Learn more about this FABULOUS company and be sure to pick up a pair for yourself today!

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Toyota: Prius

“The little LOVE CAR” is typically how we refer to our Prius’ covered (or what we like to think of as “hugged”) in LOVE. Toyota Prius’ are the perfect vehicles that are safe and fuel efficient that we are proud to call it our company cars. From the gas mileage to all the LOVE we can fit in this compact car we LOVIN’ our Prius’!

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We only use Apple…need we say more?! From computers to iPads to iPhones we solely rely on Apple for our technology needs. This innovative company leads the industry and we are huge fans.


Mario Masitti Studios

Mario’s talents with photography capture more than just an image, they tell a story with emotions, complexities, and leave you wanting to see more. He is responsible for all of our fabulous product and ingredient photos and truly a pleasure to work with! To view his portfolio and learn more visit his webpage.

A+M Burts Bees

Burt’s Bees

“Earth-friendly natural personal care FOR THE GREATER GOOD!” – Burt’s Bees

We literally cannot go anywhere without our Burt’s Bees LIP BALM. This 100% natural lip balm is made with some of the best and purest ingredients…just like Love Grown Foods! And the incredible minty “soothing, cooling, and refreshing” aspect is the best part! If you haven’t tried Burt’s yet…you must! Once you do…you may never want to use another type of chapstick again! Go to www.burtsbees.com to learn more about this awesomely natural company and their other incredibly delicious products!

A+M North Face

The North Face

“Never stop exploring.” – The North Face

We are huge fans of the North Face! From their incredible and innovative clothing and gear, to their encouragement to “never stop exploring,” we feel that the North Face’s concepts go hand-in-hand with LOVE GROWN FOODS!

Visit www.thenorthface.com to learn more about this amazing company and see what sweet stuff they have to outfit you on your next adventure!

LGF Packing Tape

Love Grown Foods Packing Tape

We SPREAD THE LOVE in everything we do and now you can too! Secure all your packages with our branded packing tape. To purchase one or both of our packing tape rolls, email info@lovegrownfoods.com. Someone will be in contact with you shorty!