Gluten and Allergen Free Expo – Dallas, TX

Yeehaw! As some of you may know, we just can’t seem to get enough of Texas. This massive state keeps pulling us back and we are thrilled to go and SPREAD THE LOVE! This past weekend I flew down (poor ELBY was left behind) for a quick trip to Dallas to attend the Gluten and Allergen Free Expo. My suitcase was full of LOVE–in addition to all the LOVE we shipped down ahead of time–and I had my dancing boots ready for the much anticipated Eddie Dean Ho-Down (i.e. Texan-style BBQ Dinner and Line Dancing)!

The expo was a huge success! It was the first time they held the event in Dallas and they had over 2,000 attendees! Our two days were full of LOVE SPREADING and educating consumers on how important eating wholesome foods that are also gluten-free are. If you have watched our Gluten-Free Video you will understand our passion for putting gluten-free foods on the market that are also packed full of nutritional benefits and whole grains. As the gluten-free demand grows, more and more gluten-free junk foods become available. It is important to remember that many gluten-free foods are made with flours that have little nutritional value and are essentially empty calories.

Saturday night we hit the town and danced along the line at Eddie Deans. My dancing partners, Amanda and Emily, were a blast! We shuffled along, kicking and counting to 6, laughing the entire time! It was a riot!

Sunday I was joined by Dorry of Living with Health Hunger (who is also one of our LOVE BLOGGERS) to SPREAD THE LOVE! Be sure to read Dorry’s post on her day SPREADING THE LOVE! Dorry is AWESOME and it was so great having her company and having her representing the LOVE at the expo! We also had a surprise visit from another LOVE BLOGGER, Clare of Fitting it all In which was FABULOUS!!

The weekend was a blast! Huge THANKS to all of the amazing organizers–especially the Gluten Intolerance Group of Dallas-Ft Worth! We had great feedback from the attendees! People were thrilled the LOVE was available in Kroger, Central Market and Natural Grocers! We are still working to meet requests to get the LOVE into Sprouts and Whole Foods–so stay tuned!

Happy Tuesday!

Spread LOVE,

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