Consumer Feedback

  • "A week ago I had never tried Granola. You were at King Soopers in Littleton and giving out samples. So I tried the Cranberry and Pecans. It was awesome. My friend and I both loved it. This week I purchased every other Granola I could find just to try the competition. They all taste bad like I thought they would. I am returning all my open sample bags and buying more of yours. It has been a nice treat to keep at my desk when I work. Thanks for a good tasting product that is healthy for me. Best wishes and good luck in your adventure."

    Denver, CO

  • “Pacing the aisles in King Soopers looking for a companion to my yogurt and I saw your sticker on a package of granola. I looked at your package and you offered everything I look for in food – locally made and no high-fructose corn syrup.
    Holy cow, this stuff is awesome. While I don’t often like paying more… this is absolutely worth it.
    Losing weight has been a struggle for me and with 120 more pounds to go, food like this makes it easier to control the sweet tooth. It doesn’t even taste like it is good for me!


  • “Hey Maddy and Alex! So Maddy, I woke up this morning and sprinkled your granola on my oatmeal like you said you did and it was AWESOME!! Jen and I also like to eat it out of bowls just raw for dessert. I couldn’t stop myself from picking out almonds out of the bag individually…whatever you do to those almonds keep up the good work!!! You guys are OUTSTANDING and I admire your hard work, determination, and positive attitude. I look forward to following the growth and success of your business. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next!! (chocolate??!! ahhhh!!) Good luck and best wishes!!

    PS-I’ll see if Joel can come up with some “constructive” criticism…cause I can’t!!”

    Denver, Colorado, by way of Maine and Georgia

  • “Hello, just wanted to drop you a quick note about your granola. I think it was Alex at the Parker King Soopers giving samples a couple weeks ago. At first it tasted like any other granola to me but as I was going through the store finishing it I really enjoyed it and went back to get a bag. My wife tried it and claimed that bag for herself! :-) Anyway, just want to let you know that we really like your product and will continue buying it as our granola of choice! Good luck!”

    Parker, CO

  • “My sons and I just bought two bags from Alex at the King Soopers on Baptist Rd. My boys are 7th heaven, as they love your granola and are amazed that your company is made up of simply two people, Alex and Maddy. Best of Luck!”

    Colorado Springs, CO

  • “My wife is recovering from surgery to remove a malignant brain tumor. We’re just now learning the chemical dangers of our past diet. Thank you for making a product that helps us fight the re-occurrence of cancer and makes us healthier overall. I hope this kind of encouragement helps you in the challenges you face as you grow your brand – please don’t give up.”


  • “Hi Maddy, I met you at King Soopers. Loved the granola but wanted to tell you that my husband tried it yesterday and said it was really good. He has been stuck on one particular kind so for him to say that, he must have really liked it. Just wanted to let you know. Best of luck with your business.”

    Highlands Ranch, CO

  • “Thanks for the sample last week at the Parker King Soopers! I am totally loving my “Killer” granola w/my vanilla Stonyfield farms yogurt! Love, love, love this stuff!”

    Parker, CO

  • "Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you I’m really impressed with the flavor and quality of your granola. I dip into it at snacktime and really appreciate the simple, healthy ingredients. Great stuff.”

    Lafayette, CO

  • “I went to the Louisville King Soopers today to stock up on LoveGrown for us and to give as gifts to some more friends who need to find out about your delicious granola. There were just a few left on the shelves! You’ve obviously got a big hit on your hands!”

    Louisville, CO

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