February was a quiet month, both Alex and I were working a ton and putting a lot of our time and energy towards making money for the company. We have been on hold now, waiting for bags, labels, nutritional data etc., so we have learned to occupy ourselves in other ways. One of which was to spend time with friends.

Since we both graduated from DU a year early, all of our friends are still in school. And since we moved to Aspen where the social scene is little to be desired, we realized we were in need of some social interaction. We dedicated a long weekend to have friends come up and enjoy the immaculate beauty of where we live! Let’s just say we certainly are no longer in college…and Love Grown Foods was a hit! We made a huge amount of granola for all of our friends to eat and enjoy for a power breakfast/snack before we hiked up Independence Pass, skied Highlands Bowl, and readied ourselves for long nights on the town!

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