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Serves 1


1 Piece of Sprouted Bread
1 egg (preferably organic)
5 baby bello mushrooms, sliced
small shallot, thinly sliced
handful of greens (arugula)
olive oil/coconut oil
sea salt and fresh pepper


Because most sprouted bread is stored in the freezer, lightly toast bread just so it defrosts and becomes slightly toasty. With a round cookie cutter, cut out the center of the toast. Set aside saving both the inside and the outside. In a skillet, over medium-high heat, heat a little bit of olive oil. Add mushrooms and shallot. Sprinkle with seasonings if you so desire (i.e. garlic and dill). Let cook so that mushrooms are soft and slightly browned. Once mushrooms are cooked (about 5 minutes) add a handful of greens, gently mixing so that greens begin to wilt. Remove from heat and transfer onto a plate. In the same plan heat a little coconut oil. Make sure pan is not and then add toast (the part missing the inside) and crack egg into the hole. Sprinkle with sea salt and pepper. Let sit until egg becomes pretty cooked (about 2-3 minutes). While egg and toast are cooking, toast the small round in the toaster to desired crispiness then spread on your favorite jam. Gently flip egg/toast to cook the other side (about 1 minute) or until desired result. Carefully remove, serve warm with wilted greens and mushrooms and toasted round with jam!

Why I love this breakfast: It is packed full of all the right nutrients to start your day! The whole grain sprouted bread is something that will keep you full and release energy slowly. The protein and nutrients of the egg are a great source of energy for any active person. The mushrooms and greens provide some alkalizing foods and great vitamins and minerals. And the toast with jam (I prefer home-made apricot) add a little bit of sweetness to the meal. Plus, this is super simple. Also, I love the way the toast tastes with the egg because it has a similar texture to French Toast…but healthier!

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