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“I am feeling incredibly unfocused this week – at least in the blog sense. Everything else in my life is going along just swimmingly. I suppose I blame it on the insanely nice weather and not wanting to have my behind planted in my kitchen chair writing while I could be out enjoying the beautiful weather.

To go along with my unfocused mindset, yesterday I was thinking about something that happened to me in college that I thought you would all get a kick out of. I have always been quite the worry wart. Whenever I get something in my head, I can’t stop thinking about it and focus on it until I get an answer (Type A much?). In the spring of my junior year of college, I started to get horrible leg cramps in my right calf. I had just started on some medication earlier that year with one of the side effects being blood clots in the leg (shall we play “name that medication”?). I also have a fairly large vascular birth mark on my right leg, so I was absolutely convinced that this condition was making my chances of getting a blood clot in my calf ten folded.

I worried and worried… and worried some more for a few days until I finally decided I was going to go to an emergency room nearby. There was one down the street from our college, so I ended up heading in there, being checked in, waiting for about three hours, and having an ultrasound of my leg done. After this test happened, I was wheeled back into my little room and waited for the ER doctor to come back for another hour. When she finally came back, I was shaking in my boots about what she was going to say.

The results?

A muscular cramp.

I’m an idiot was the moral of the story.

I had just started running a lot more recently and probably didn’t stretch enough. I got sent home with a packet of exercises to do to stretch out my legs and probably gave the ER a good laugh for a few days. Guess who wasn’t laughing when the bill came because I didn’t go to a hospital that was in my network? That would have been me.

Thankfully I called my insurance company and got the charges waived or else my parents would have done nothing less than made me scrub the floors each and every day that summer to pay for what had happened.

Aaaaaand now you can all laugh at me too.

But instead of laughing, how about I just bribe you with some granola instead?

I received my latest shipment of Love Grown on Friday – and, after crying tears of joy, I dug into two of the flavors within five minutes. Can you pick out which bags are almost gone?

Along with my granola shipment, I also received an adorable (orange!) journal that I can’t wait to make my Type A To Do lists in.

I want to spread some of the LOVE to you today. It was incredibly hard to choose which one of my children to give away, but I had to go with the favorite – you know, so it would behave the best and make you the happiest. Although I have to admit, it was quite difficult to make this decision!


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