Love Grown moseyed on over to Runners Roost last night to fuel the post-run efforts of the Karma Multisport training team! What an incredible group of ladies! I will admit….they quite possibly have gotten me hooked on the idea of a 2012 triathlon season….LOVEworld–are any of you guys triathletes out there? I LOVE the running, LOVE the swimming, not gonna lie–not so much LOVE for the biking portions….we will see….



Last night Team LOVE hit the streets to support the parent’s night health expo at Alsup Elementary. The evening was filled with fun activities that showcased simple ways to adopt healthy changes in the students and parent’s lives. Team LOVE offered up a build your own LOVE parfait station where we spoke about the importance of starting your day off right with breakfast. In speaking to the parents and students, we stressed the importance of recognizing the types of sweeteners in your foods, the types of whole grains present (or sometimes missing) in your meals, and the ease in which you can build something healthy AND delicious!

We were so impressed with all the interest from the students and parents. Additionally, it was so incredible to see such empowering teachers staying late to support this parents night and the messages they were sending to the students and their families! Way to ROCK it Alsop Elementary! We absolutely LOVED getting to share the LOVE!



Home For The Holidays 5k!

This morning Team LOVE took Elby over to City Park in Denver to support Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. We served up the LOVE to hundreds of runners who took the time to better themselves in addition to their community…now that is something we truly LOVE to see!

(Elby posing for a more scenic shot by the Lake!)


Jason and Katie getting the LOVE station ready for operations

Please tell us this is not the cutest smile EVER! (9 News reporter TaRhonda Thomas and her daughter LOVIN some LOVE!)

Getting their LOVE on!

This weekend team LOVE went around gifting LOVE to goblins, vampires, princesses, and cowboys alike! We served up some LOVE to hungry halloween’ers after their annual Halloween Parade. We met the owner of the newest addition to Denver’s health and wellness scene, Barre3 Exercise and Fitness Studio, which will be opening early this winter. Wohooo!

Happy Halloween all! LOTS and LOTS of LOVE!
-Team Love Ambassador Katie Apple Walnut Delight!

Our friends Kelly and Macy!

This past weekend team LOVE supported the valiant efforts of over 1,500 racers who took on some serious Red Rocks terrain. These racers were raising money to support The American Lung Association. Blayne and Katie dished out some mad LOVE to hungry runners and fans alike!

Serving up the LOVE, and I think they liked it!

Team Love

We were able to see our good friends at popchips; we at Love Grown always love ourselves a little bit of pop in our lives!