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Love Oats


Love Grown is new-to-me and I have NO idea why it took me so long to check them out.
Their company’s mission and vision is what drew me to them.
[Love Grown Foods is now a national brand with a big mission: improving kids’ nutrition]
As you all know, I am HUGE on making sure people are educated about what they are eating
especially when they have kids.
They are really big on using whole grain, healthy products that are high quality
YET affordable which makes it possible for kids and families everywhere to make healthy choices.
As a teacher, something that stood out to me is how they take their own time to visit schools
to educate kids on the importance of feeding our bodies what they NEED.
Way to hit home for this teacher, Love Grown.

The timing of finding and receiving this product couldn’t have been more perfect.
Ben and I get up every morning and start our day with a workout.
When Ben was working at his old company we lived a few blocks away…
You know boys, they take all of 5 minutes to get ready
so B took his time making a nice hearty breakfast with an egg omelet.
Now that he started his new job however, he is NOT able to do that…
we live approximately thirty minutes away now.
That meant B was going to have to change some of his routine,
including breakfast.
He was pumped to give Love Grown Foods a try.
First up:


I don’t know what appealed to him more:
The strawberry or the raspberry part.
My guess was it was a little of both because he LOVES him some Straw-Rasp-Berry.


Other flavors for Hot Oats: Blueberry Banana Walnut, Apple Cinnamon, Peach Vanilla Almond
They had me sold with just the FLAVOR options before even having to try it.

Blueberry Banana- bombdotcom


Apple Cinnamon- have you not realized my intense love for cinnamon yet?


Peach Vanilla Almond- great change up from what I would regularly gravitate towards but
I’d probably go for blueberry or apple cinnamon on a regular basis.
What I really want to give a try is their Granola.
I’m a huge Granola and Yogurt for breakfast fan.
Wait, who am I kidding… granola for breakfast, for a snack, or even as a dessert kind.

Thanks to Amanda from Run to the Finish for the great ideas on how to create a diet that works for you.

Paleo, Vegan, Pescetarian, Raw, Macrobiotic…they all work for some people some of the time. How is this possible? It turns out that when your parents told you “there is no one else like you in the world”, they were right.

Just as we are unique in our talents, we each handle food differently and need to spend a little time experimenting to find what works best for us. How is “works best” defined when it comes to our diet? The right diet will leave you with:

  • Abundant energy
  • Clear, glowing skin
  • Healthy hair and nails
  • Good digestion and elimination
  • Free of aches and pains

Yes all of that comes from having a digestive system that is working well and part of that is eliminating foods that cause inflammation. In all instances eliminating processed foods and sugars is recommended because most of us do react poorly to these chemicals.  Beyond that your friend may thrive on a daily Greek Yogurt while it makes you feel lethargic every afternoon.

Steps for find YOUR best diet:

1. Food Journal – Read more about how to do a food journal, it’s not a food log of calories, it is a journal of how foods make you feel. You’ll discover that you may do better with 3 large meals rather than 5 smaller ones or that you get a headache the day after you have ice cream.

2. Detox – This isn’t about drinking only cayenne pepper spiked water for days. It is about spending a few days eating whole unprocessed foods that are not on the most commonly known allergen list to help your body begin to heal and provide you a level playing field for assessing which foods make you feel best.

3. Add back and record – Now that you have had a week for your system to clear out, start adding back one food at a time and see how you feel. Follow these steps for how to change your patterns with a food log to help you get on track.

4. Repeat with patience – We live in a world of immediate gratification, which makes a process like this difficult. But if you are looking for the foods that will create your perfect diet it’s worth the time now to prevent the frustration, weight gain and inflammation caused by simply following someone else’s rules.

In health,
Amanda –
Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist


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