This weekend ELBY and I had a LOVE GROWN event packed weekend. Saturday started the weekend off great at the Georgetown to Idaho Springs half marathon. ELBY and Sweet Pea had the opportunity to join us at this event along with our friends over at Rocky Mountain Popcorn. It was a chilly morning followed by a sunny afternoon, perfect for hanging in Idaho Springs after the race- munching on some LOVE. What a great race- and thanks to all our fans for stopping by our booth after the race for some post race LOVIN’!

GTIS Half Marathon

ELBY in Idaho Springs


Sunday morning, I had to wake ELBY up long before her alarm usually goes off (this time the wake up was at about 4am) to head up to the Boulder Reservoir for the Muddy Buddy. Despite the early morning, this was such an exciting event filled with costumes, mud, mac n cheese (brought to you by noodles and company), and of course loads of LOVE.

A Muddy Buddy Sunrise

The Mini Muddy Buddy

This was only our second Muddy Buddy, but we had such a great time and hope to participate and serve up loads of LOVE at more Muddy Buddies in the future!


The Bachelor LOVES the LOVE!


Thank you bloggers!

One of the many great things about being back in our hometown is we get the chance to meet some awesome local bloggers. If you don’t know much about the blog world- you should probably check it out, it’s fascinating. The food bloggers specifically make up an extremely supportive and tight knit community where they share great recipes, exercise routines, and other parts of their daily life.On the road, we have had a chance to meet bloggers across the country and it amazes me how many of them know and support each other.


We have such a fun time meeting you guys- especially your little ones!!

Katie from with her precious little one!

Check out her blog: YesIWantCake!

So this one goes out to all our amazing bloggers who have been so supportive of Love Grown and have helped us SPREAD THE LOVE throughout the blogoshpere. You guys ROCK!


“All my bags are packed. I’m ready to go.”

The LOVE hit the road as my family and I went on our European vacation, hitting three stops along the way. First to check off the list…LONDON!

My family arrived safely in Heathrow, and the LOVE seemed to be the most important bag, because we were the first off the trolley!

My family went straight to Buckingham Palace to share the LOVE with the Queen.

She wasn’t home, or she was terrified of my younger brothers mullet.

Oh well, my Mom helped me share some LOVE with the doorman at our hotel. I bet he could hide a ton of LOVE in that hat of his.


Can you guess what European city my family will be visiting next?

Comment on this blog post by 12:00 pm Mountain time on Friday and you will win a big case of the LOVE?

So…What city in Europe is my family visiting next?

On Sunday morning, a few of us gathered at the LOVE pad to load of ELBY and head to the Evergreen Town Race. It was not a first for Love Grown, but a first for a few of our team members. We knew the early wake up call was worth it as we drove ELBY through the mountain sunrise- so beautiful!!

We arrived in Evergreen by 6:30am- and immediately noticed the beautiful setting! I can’t think of a better place to get active and enjoy the outdoors than near a lake, in such beautiful mountains. The race consisted of both a 5K walk and run as well as a10K run. The race brought out many families, both young and old- and we were geared to serve loads of LOVE to all! We quickly flew through about 40 bags of LOVE, 20 yogurts, and 800 cups- but encountered many awesome LOVE fans along the way!!


Thanks to everyone at the Evergreen Town Race for putting this awesome event together and letting us to SPREAD THE LOVE!!

one of the AWESOME fans!!

The below is taken directly from Heather’s blog DIETITIAN ON THE RUN:

*    *    *

“…Following this, I had a coffee date with Maddy from Love Grown Foods. She is so friendly, fun, & business savvy! This gal has accomplished SO much, its incredible to see how far they’ve come with this granola business in just a few short years.

8.8.11 029

I love that Maddy & Becca took time out of their days to share a cup o’ joe with me, it was so fun to meet them! And so fun to be spoiled with a lot of granola.

7.30 033
7.30 046

That Cocoa Goodness has my heart. These bags don’t last long in our kitchen!


Saturday started with 14 miles of running; I love that it’s a cool 65* when I get started at 7 a.m.. I don’t love that it’s almost 90* by the time I finish.

These miles were finished with strong legs, that battled a few fickle mind games. I was definitely ready to be done, shower and resume weekending activities.

When you know a cold smoothie topped with Cocoa Goodness is waiting to be made, getting to the end of that long run is totally worth it!

8.8.11 002
8.8.11 0038.8.11 065

Cocoa Goodness Berry Smoothie

1 ripe banana (the riper the better, texture preferences taken into account)
~1/2c  frozen mixed berries (I don’t usually measure these)
1/2 c Plain, non-fat Greek Yogurt
1/3 c Cocoa Goodness LGF granola

Blend the first three ingredients until smooth. Top with the LGF granola, and grab a spoon!

Trust me, you’ll love it too.


What did you love about your weekend?”