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From the Gym

Students at Aurora Frontier K-8 were “treated” to a Love Grown Foods yogurt parfait and gained knowledge and understanding about how nutrition can promote a healthy lifestyle thanks to a collaboration between community business and schools.  Maddy D’Amato, Chief Love Officer, of Love Grown Foods spent the day with students K-8 sharing expertise on nutrition, health, and food choices.

She believes, “Food should have ingredients you can pronounce because then you know what they are made of and what you are putting in your body”.  That is the basis of Love Grown Foods, a local company in North Denver.  P.E. Teacher, Jennifer Handy, thought it would be a great idea to show kids real people in the community that are advocating for health.  “When kids understand more about food, they can make better choices,” states Mrs. Handy.

Throughout the session students moved like brooms, emulating how fiber cleans out the digestive system.  They learned how eating a healthy breakfast makes you smarter.  They saw firsthand the positive and negative effects food choices can have on the human body.

In the end, not only did students leave with a healthy snack to share with friends and family, they will take with them information that will guide their choices for life.  Empowering children to make healthy decisions is a huge responsibility that should be fostered by home, school, and the community.  “This just warms my heart,” said Maddy as the kids crowded around her and thanked her for her expertise and sharing it with them.

This past weekend team LOVE supported the valiant efforts of over 1,500 racers who took on some serious Red Rocks terrain. These racers were raising money to support The American Lung Association. Blayne and Katie dished out some mad LOVE to hungry runners and fans alike!

Serving up the LOVE, and I think they liked it!

Team Love

We were able to see our good friends at popchips; we at Love Grown always love ourselves a little bit of pop in our lives!

Spinach & Spice Blog Review!

The below post was taken directly from the blog SPINACH & SPICE:

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Receiving an e-mail from the front desk of your dorm building with the title “You have a package!” is the college student’s equivalent to Christmas morning.

Needless to say, I was SUPER excited to see a box with this message from Laura of Love Grown Foods granola come my way!



Laura instructed me to “enjoy” and “Spread love!” and who better to feed than a dorm full of hungry college kids?

Meet the 7th Floor Tasting Team:



Sonya and Kevin, Ben, Rebecca (My Roomie!), and Kevin.. again. Smile

Now, meet the contenders:

love grown foods

Apple Walnut Delight, Raisin Almond Crunch,
Sweet Cranberry Pecan, Cocoa Goodness

Served with Unsweetened Vanilla Breeze Almond Milk


First up, Raisin Almond Crunch:

love grown raisin


Ben: “Amazing! It’s raisin-y.”
Rebecca: “I love the cinnamon, and the way the almonds are cut. And the cinnamon!”
Kevin: “For being healthy, this is unusually sweet. In my batch I could use some more raisins. The granola is really good though.”
Rebecca: “Find some grapes, Kevin. Make your own raisins.”



Next in line, Apple Walnut Delight:

love grown apple

Ben: “I like the apples. I want more apples.”
Rebecca: “I love the appppples!”
Sonya:”This one’s better.”
Kevin: No comment. *Shoveling granola into mouth*


Thirdly, Sweet Cranberry Pecan:

love grown cranberry

Kevin: “I would totally eat this for breakfast.”
Ben: “This one’s my favorite. Last one and first one (Raisin Almond Crunch) are best.”


Last (and unfortunately least), Cocoa Goodness:

love grown cocoa


Ben: “I love chocolate, but the others are definitely better. It’s not bad, it’s not my favorite, it’s just different.”
Kevin: Ooh, that’s funny tasting. I think I like it!
Sonya: “.. That’s not chocolate.”


As a group, our favorite was by far the Sweet Cranberry Pecan with Apple Walnut Delight following close behind. Our least favorite was Cocoa Goodness.. Probably because we were expecting hardcore chocolate.. which doesn’t exist in granola form!

The group couldn’t believe these were “healthy” products.. they were pleasantly surprised! Overall, the tasting was fun and managed to feed several hungry college students.


Thanks again to Laura and the entire Love Grown team
for spreading some “Love” to Ohio State!

I’m going to end on Ben’s final note of the night:

“Thanks for the bag. Now I have breakfast.
I haven’t had breakfast for two weeks.”

Feeding the hungry, one college student at a time. Winking smile

We have added a new edition to our Love Team! Hooray!

Miss Katie Bernell. Better known for her strong Texan spirit and being “Love Grown Foods First Intern Ever”, Katie has joined on the team as District Marketing Manager! I have had the great pleasure of knowing Miss Bernell for a few years and there is definitely one thing I know for sure…she is a DIVA! (the good kind of diva, like Beyonce diva!) In preparation for this blog post, I asked to take a few pictures of Katie. Here is the progression of this process.

"Ah stop don't take my picture I'm not ready!"

"Okay, I'm ready. Do I look fun?"

"I'd like to show a bit of my sophisticated side".

Isn't she adorable!


In celebration of our newest addition, comment on this post answering the following question:

“If you could have a job in the Love Pad, what would you want it to be?”

We will randomly select a winner on Tuesday, and the winner will receive a Love Grown Foods t-shirt and a bag of their favorite flavor of the LOVE!

Spread Love,

Laura the Love Bomb


Surely many of you LOVE fans have dealt with the same internal struggle which I had to face this weekend. I am from Wisconsin, the land of cheese curds and the semi obsese, but I live in Denver, home of Love Grown and the fittest citizens in the country. So you can image the horror as I watched the Green Bay Packers play Denver Broncos this past weekend. Who was I to root for: my hometown title holding football team or the team of my new home? Would I be kicking my Denver friends and family to the curb by giggling at the thought of the Packers taking the Broncos down?

This crisis was very swiftly averted as Packers DEMOLISHED the Broncos (49-23). I may be jumping on the victory bandwagon on this one, but who can deny that green and gold charm (and ruthlessness)?

Lots of Love,

Laura the Love Bomb

Giveaway Alert!

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“What sports team will you never give up on, no matter where you live in the world?”