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“You know when there’s a food you just can’t get enough of? That’s fun (and delicious), right?!

And you know when there’s a company that you can fully stand behind and want to support? That’s a good feeling too, huh?

And when you can find a place that does both? It’s amazing. I know.

Yeah, Love Grown Foods is just that…and so much more.

From the moment I corresponded via email with Maddy, the Founder and Chief Love Officer :) , and her positive emails were filled with phrases like “YOU ROCK” and “thanks for being AWESOME,” I was so impressed at how a company can really do what they say and “SPREAD the LOVE.”

Then, a giant box of LOVE arrived at my doorstep. Filled to the brim with granola in every flavor, magnets, stickers and coupons with positive phrases peeking throughout, this was a package that definitely brightened my day (and every one of my mornings during breakfast since… :) )

The flavors are: Cocoa Goodness, Simply Oats, Apple Walnut Delight, Raisin Almond Crunch and Sweet Cranberry Pecan.

I cannot get enough. Every bag is bursting with crunchy clusters, natural flavors, whole ingredients…and yes, love (it even says it below the ingredients list)!

Seriously though, this stuff is good. Like coming home from a first date with your head in the clouds and butterflies in your stomach good. The Raisin Almond Crunch has WHOLE almonds (my favorite!) throughout the entire bag, the Cocoa Goodness is sweet enough to enjoy for breakfast or with vanilla frozen yogurt for dessert (yum!) and the Simply Oats (pictured below) shows how sometimes keeping things simple allows them to shine the most.

Oh and the best part? They are not only generous enough to send all this LOVE my way, but want to SPREAD the LOVE to YOU!!! One Simply Life reader will win: 3 big bags, mini bags in all 5 flavors, coupons, magnets, and clings!

To enter do any/all of the following and tell me in the comments (giveaway will be open through April 28; winner must have a US address):

1. SPREAD the LOVE. Tell me how you spread the love! Is it through positive words, sharing healthy foods with others or taking care of the Earth on Earth Day?
2. Visit Love Grown Foods and tell me something you learned from their site!
3. Spread the Love on Twitter and tweet about this giveaway using @LoveGrowFoods & @SimplyLifeBlog! (Example: Enter to win @LoveGrownFoods #giveaway at @SimplyLifeBlog!

And if you want another chance of feelin’ the love, go here to learn about their awesome “love for love” deal!

Talk about a company that produces food that makes you feel great when eating it and inspires you to love yourself and others! I think I’m in love…”

The below was taken directly from the blog Banana Oats:
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“…The first box was a ton of delicious granola from the great folks at Love Grown Foods and from Heather who is a Love Grown Blogger.

Love Grown products are:

Free of refined sugar
Free of trans fats
Free of artificial flavors
Free of gluten
Free of high fructose corn syrup
Free of hydrogenated oils
Free of preservatives
Free of genetically modified ingredients

And they’re delicious. We snacked on a bag of the raisin almond all the way up to San Francisco last night. I don’t want to keep all this goodness to myself. I want to share the love with you.

I’m going to send one of you these six snack sized packs. Perfect for your desk, car or purse.

To enter you must:

Like bananoats on facebook.


Go to the Love Grown Foods page and leave a comment on this post telling me which kind of granola you are most eager to try.

Optional: For additional entries you may:

Follow me on twitter: @bananoats (leave a separate comment letting me know you did.)
Tweet: I just entered to win some @LoveGrownFoods from @BananaOats (leave a separate comment letting me know you did)
Share this link on your facebook page so your friends and family can enter too. (again, leave a separate comment letting me know you did)

The giveaway will be open through Tuesday and a winner will be picked at random and announced Wednesday morning.

Good luck!

**Winner must have U.S. address. Sorry!

P.S. – Remember I said I had two boxes of food? Stay tuned next week for another giveaway.”

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“…First up: breakfast, which was made possible in part by Jenn (Peas & Crayons), herself!

After winning her giveaway a few weeks ago, a glorious package filled with Love Grown Granola finally arrived! She even snuck in some tea and a cute note. So Jenn.

Several bloggers have been going ga-ga over this granola this for a while, so I was excited to see what all the hype was about…

…and worthy, it was. Mm! One bite and I knew that was it. I’m converted. Count me in. Good thing I finished my paleo month because this is goooood.

BONUS: It is gluten-free! Woohoo! It’s got all these other traits to brag about, too:

And even the “flavored” bag uses REAL INGREDIENTS for the star flavors! What a novel idea, to use real walnuts and real apples rather than “apple flavor.” Well done, Love Grown Foods.

I loved the “Apple Walnut Delight” flavor. Normally, I sprinkle (okay, dump) cinnamon into my Greek yogurt, but Love Grown was one step ahead of me, knowing that cinnamon goes so well with apples and walnuts. Already in there. Boom.

I put some in my Chobani yogurt for breakfast, and when it was empty, I went back and put another quarter cup in the empty yogurt container. Whoops.

She’s right. It is. YUM! I had to seal up the bag and tuck it in the back of my fridge so I wouldn’t be tempted for thirds. Breakfast is over. Move on, Meredith…”

Below is taken directly from the blog SWEEPS FOR BLOGGERS:
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About: Love Grown Foods is taking active steps everyday to create a better world for you and for us one healthy, delicious product at a time!

“Food should be full of love!

At Love Grown Foods you can be sure that there is love involved. They use high quality ingredients that taste good and provide good fuel for our bodies. They are also mindful of the foot prints they make along the way. This is food that I can feel good about eating.

Love Grown makes five delicious kinds of Oat Clusters & Love (aka granola) :

Simply Oats
Raisin Almond Crunch
Sweet Cranberry Pecan
Apple Walnut Delight
Cocoa Goodness

They use unprocessed ingredients including certified gluten free oats. The granolas are sweetened with honey and agave instead of refined sugars or artificial sweeteners.

Naturally, my favorite flavor is the Cocoa Goodness. The oats have a yummy cocoa flavor and it contains tasty dark chocolate chips.

Each of the varieties is good right out of the bag, with milk or as a topping for yogurt or ice cream.

Love Grown Foods taste delicious and make me feel energized and ready to face the day!

HOW TO CONNECT – You can like Love Grown Foods on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and follow them on Pinterest.

PRIZE – Love Grown Foods Prize Package – 3 full size bags, 5 one ounce bags, promotional items (stickers, magnets…) – ARV $30

Here’s how to enter to win ….

***MANDATORY ENTRY: Leave a comment – just say something nice ***

Optional Bonus Entries: (must do main entry first – post a separate comment for each bonus entry)
* Like the Sweeps4Bloggers Facebook Page
* Subscribe to Sweeps4Bloggers by email (green sidebar button)
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* Post on your blog/website about the giveaway and comment with the link (5 entries)
* Check out Giveaways4Prizes today – either add one of your giveaways to a linky or look at a giveaway that’s listed (2 entries, leave 2 comments)
* Like Love Grown Foods on Facebook
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* Enter the Sunglass Warehouse giveaway
* Enter another current Sweeps4Bloggers giveaway and let me know which one you entered (enter as many as you’d like, but only 1 bonus entry)

Giveaway ends April 26, 2012 at 8pm Pacific Time. Giveaway is open for residents of the US and Canada only. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to notification with shipping info and claim prize – if no response, another winner will be chosen . Subject to the official rules. No purchase necessary – void where prohibited by law. Disclaimer/Disclosure: Review sample and prize provided by the giveaway sponsor.”

Below is taken directly from the blog Veggie Food Lover:
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“Product: Love Grown Foods Sweet Cranberry Pecan Granola – $4.99+

Granola is not something that I normally seek out. Just being honest. While I find them to be delicious, and love them, I would rather buy a gluten-free oatmeal for lunch or snack on something that is a bit more substantial. But I came into the possession of a gluten-free granola thanks to a gift pack from my local Fresh Market called “Don’t Be a Gluten.” I loved the name, and as it was intended for the holidays, which had since past, my roommate bought it for me and I got to dig through at the gluten-free treasures that awaited me.

One of the biggest bags in there was a pack of Sweet Cranberry Pecan Granola from a company I never heard of – Love Grown Foods. And with a company name like that…how can you resist at least trying it out?

Here’s the dish from what I can gather via the Web site. Love Grown Foods was created by a couple while attending the University of Denver. Each of the young entrepreneurs brought a knowledge of healthy living, healthy eating and love of an active lifestyle to the kitchen. And why not? What emerged was a perfected recipe for granola that started off with simple sample packs and grew from that into a business. And who can argue with a company that delivers amazing flavor in each handful that isn’t tainted at all by artificial sweeteners or sugar. Their granola is sweetened by either honey or agave.

It’s a great story, but how does it pan out in the product?

Well, let me tell you, the name Love Grown Foods is not misleading at all. Not only can you tell the amount of care and love that went into each and every batch, but the product speaks for itself in nutritional value as well as flavor. The Sweet Cranberry Pecan is the ideal combination of dried cranberries and toasted pecans, served up with perfectly sweetened and seasoned gluten-free rolled oats. It is touched up with some dried coconut and seasoned with honey, cinnamon and vanilla. The play of flavors on your palate just works. It’s fantastic…crunchy with a hint of sweetness that just leaves you wanting to grab a little more and then a little more. It’s probably the best granola I have ever had in my life.

What I appreciate about Love Grown Foods granola is the nutritional value that is packed in each serving. A serving is 1/4 cup, which, when it’s granola, goes a long way. Each serving of the Sweet Cranberry Pecan brings with it only 130 calories and 6g of fat. Not bad. And I promise, a simple serving of that size does stick with you. That’s the wonderful thing about granola. And, it’s easy to transport and take with you, if you are going to be out for the day, on a hike, a jog, or a walk. It’s the ideal snack to pack.

It was love at first crunchy, sweet bite when it came to this granola. Now I’m hooked. And I’m hoping to find one of the other varieties (it also comes in Simply Oats, Apple Walnut Delight, Raisin Almond Crunch, and Cocoa Goodness) in store to give them a taste as well. If it’s anything like the Sweet Cranberry Pecan, then I’d say I’ll be in for a delicious treat.

If you love granola and really want to try one that is made from natural ingredients, no artificial sweeteners, and honestly made with love…then I recommend Love Grown Foods. Yummy doesn’t begin to describe it.”