Late last night, after getting home from hockey practice (I help coach the U19 girls team) I became incredibly motivated to open an application on my computer that I had NEVER used. I first must admit that APPLE is truly amazing and that we are addicts. Between our computers and our iphones it makes social-media incredibly easy. I started compiling clips, pictures, and music to make our FIRST MOVIE!

Teaching myself how to use the program, what to do, and how to transition (relatively) nicely, I pieced together a 1 minute clip to express our GRATITUDE AND LOVE for all of the SUPPORT our customers, friends, and family have shown. Check it out:


I refused to go to bed until it was uploaded onto Alex thought I was going a little crazy. I was literally bouncing around the room once my mission was successfully accomplished! I am pretty confident in terms of my tech-savviness, but this was a great challenge! Now I can’t wait to keep making MORE! All I want for Christmas is a video camera!!!

It is our FIRST Holiday Season with actual products! It is hard to believe that this time last year I was finishing my studies in Crestone and Alex was working hard to turn Love Grown Foods into a legitimate company. Not only has time flown by, but to think about all that we have accomplished in such a short time is pretty phenomenal! Love Grown Foods officially got placed on the shelves in the end of April 2009…now, here we are 8 months later and Love Grown Foods is about to go state-wide and is one of the most talked about companies/products/news in Aspen! We are not just making waves…WE ARE MAKING A SPLASH!!

This holiday season we wanted to show our gratitude. As a way to say THANK YOU to all of our loyal consumers, new/future costomers, friends, and family we are offering 25% off ALL ONLINE orders! We are seeking to encourage people to give the gift of HEALTH this holiday season and SPREAD THE LOVE! Our promotion of health and wellness started on December 1st and we have already had an AWESOME response! Alex and I feel like elves! Packing up box after box, making personalizes holiday cards, and sending package after package all over the NATION to SPREAD THE LOVE of LOVE GROWN FOODS!

HUGE THANKS TO ALL OF OUR SUPPORTERS! Thank you for making Love Grown a part of your holiday and for sharing health and wholesome food with your loved ones! LIVE FREE!


Mapping it Out

With the INCREDIBLE news that Kroger is starting Love Grown Foods in 80 stores come January, we created a map to give us an idea of where we are going to be. As I read through the list time after time again I couldn’t stop saying, “This is a lot of stores!” The combination of our slightly compulsive tendencies and our love for arts and crafts, Alex and I went to work making a giant map of Colorado. With the help of my dad, the 3 of us began cutting, gluing, taping, and mounting a map of Colorado on foam core. Alex went off to work his final day at Wells Fargo and I started googlemap-ing each and every store and placing a dot on the map. Today, we labeled pins with the store numbers and began sticking them in! IT IS SO EXCITING!






Still in slight shock, we are incredibly excited about this news! Alex sent me a text message the other day saying, “I am thinking about how many bags and how many people are going to see our faces on our bags! I never thought about it like that!” It is pretty remarkable to go from one store to 80 overnight! We are so grateful and so thrilled to introduce more people in Colorado to Love Grown Foods! SPREAD THE LOVE!

My heart is racing so fast inside my chest. I can hardly believe what is happening! Up to this point Alex and I were planning on transitioning to Denver in order to be able to produce enough product to be in the 40 King Soopers/City Markets that we found out about in the summer. Yesterday, however, Alex got a call from Kroger saying that they are not putting us in 40 stores come January…THEY ARE PUTTING US IN 79!!! Disbelief, nervousness, and excitement all rushed through my veins instantaneously as I tried to fathom how many stores that is! This morning we received the email with every single store that we will be in. I began to read the towns/cities: El Jebel, Montrose, Grand Junction, Boulder, Denver, Avon, Arvada, Pueblo, Greenwood Village, Pagosa Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Steamboat….ALL OVER! LOVE GROWN FOODS WILL SOON BE STATE-WIDE!!

Our excitement truly cannot be captured in words. As I sat in awe…partially laughing out of disbelief…staring at the list of 79 stores, one of my best friends from college called. I explained the amazing news and she exploded with joy saying, “OF COURSE! It’s the COLORADO granola! It’s the best, Mads!” After getting off the phone with her, I shook my head in utter disbelief, almost asking myself, “Is this for real?!”

I can hardly think straight. All I can do is be incredibly grateful for all of the love and support we have had up to this point! Keep spreading the love! AND THANK YOU FOR MAKING LOVE A PART OF YOUR DAY WITH LOVE GROWN FOODS!

Live Free!


The Love Grown Team met up with Casey from QITTLE to do a little filming for the QITTLE 60-CITY TOUR. One of the shots we took was a short explanation of us talking about Love Grown Foods and LIVING THE DREAM IN ASPEN/SNOWMASS! Check it out:

To learn more about QITTLE ( and to WIN 1 year FREE in Aspen/Snowmass check out: