The below is taken directly from SAVVY EATS:

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“A few weeks ago, Love Grown Foods contacted me asking if I’d be interested in trying their oat cluster granola. I love granola, so of course I said yes!

Plus, have you seen the ingredients list for the products?

For the Cocoa Goodness:

Certified Gluten-Free Oats, Honey, Organic Agave Syrup, Expeller Pressed Canola Oil, 63% Chocolate (Chocolate Liquor, Sugar, SOYA LECITHIN, Pure Vanilla), Sunflower Seeds, Spices, Milled Flaxseed, 100% Pure Cocoa Powder, Sea Salt

There isn’t a single item in there that I wouldn’t keep in my pantry.

I’m super impressed by this granola. The clusters don’t fall apart completely in the bag, and have an extra crunch to them somehow. Plus, the flavors are spot-on.

So far, I’ve enjoyed the Raisin Almond Crunch and the Cocoa Goodness. The Cocoa Goodness bag may or may not be completely empty already…

I have yet to try the sweet cranberry pecan, but I’m excited to!

I’m also excited to “spread the love” and offer some Love Grown Foods to one of YOU!
Here’s the deal:

One Savvy Reader will win THREE bags of Love Grown Foods’ Granola.

To enter, leave a comment below telling me what you do the “spread the love” on a regular basis. Do you hold open doors? Leave an extra tip when you eat out? Babysit for your neighbor so she can take an afternoon off? Deliver soup to a sick friend?

Big or small, I want to hear it!

This giveaway will close at 11:59 pm next Wednesday (March 16). The winnings can only be shipped within the US (sorry, folks!)”

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We LOVE that Julie is ALL ABOUT SPREADING THE LOVE! Be sure to read all of her incredible blog!


Expowest is around the corner…I feel like we have been building up to this for months…and now it is finally here and hours away! The other night we had a team dinner at Alex and my house. We rallied the troops and got them all pumped to be stoked for the madness that lies ahead.

Expowest is the largest natural foods expo…bringing everyone who is anyone in the natural foods world. It even draws in celebrities like Jillian Michaels and Martha Stewart. It is a 3 day show full of food, sales, drinking, dinners, fun and business.

Last year Alex went as an attendee, but this year will be our first year exhibiting…so pretty much we are coming out of the woodwork and making a splash..of LOVE!

Our team is piling in Elby the Love Bus and we will be driving from Denver to Anaheim! We will all be sleeping in Alex’s sister’s studio apartment and working long hours to spread the LOVE. It will be full of stories and stellar memories! Be sure to keep checking back for awesome pictures in the next couples of days!

DU Founder’s Day

Jason, Alex and I joined some of our other DU friends and a great deal of DU Alumni and supporters to celebrate the day in which DU was founded! The event was held at the Denver Performing Arts Center. The evening was fabulous!

We honored some incredible alumni who have since graduated and gone on to do amazing things. We spoke with a number of older alumni who were simply awesome and super excited to see the future generations continuing the traditions and keeping the DU flame going.

Happy Birthday, DU!

Friday we had the Business Fraternity (Alpha Kappa Psi) of DU come up for a tour of the LOVE GROWN Facilities (i.e. the LOVE PAD) and to learn a little more about how this whole thing got started!

We began the evening with some ping pong, gave them the grand tour, gave some history and mentioned how the first idea originated in the Penrose Library at DU, and answered awesome questions.

This group was super stellar and really fun! When asked how old we were, we had them first guess..”25..26..” when we told the we are 23 and 24 we all realized how crazy it was to think that we weren’t at DU that long ago.

Huge shout out to everyone in AKP…YOU GUYS ROCK! Come back anytime!

The below was taken directly from the blog: A Dietitian on the Run:

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“I learned a long time ago that the way we choose to fuel will affect all aspects of our lives. Specifically, fueling mindfully before and after a workout will get you results – farther, faster, stronger, healthier. It was a slow process, but I realized what does/doesn’t work for me. I also realized it is definitely not worth it to skimp on the things you love – balance is always there to be had.

One food I love, but rarely “indulged” in at one point: Granola!

3.3 002

What better way to get back in the groove, than with LOVE GROWN Granola, right?

Typically, you can look the Nutrition Facts of Granola up and down only to see high amounts of sugar, fat, and scientifically named ingredients that couldn’t be found in a kitchen. But, that’s not how Maddy & Alex do things.

Read their story; it’s not only fascinating that such young people have already created such a successful (and tasty) business, but it’s also fun amazing that their site is already full of their products, the LOVE GROWN lifestyle & Upcoming events!

{Sidenote: Clearly I couldn’t even wait for the Granola’s photoshoot to dig in. Nope, those bags up there have already been ripped open and enjoyed}

3.3 017 3.3 018
3.3 013

Every bag is FREE of all of the above, and FULL of Love; FULL of ingredients you could just as likely have in your kitchen.

But, trust me, it’s worth it to let them do the cooking.

3.3 021 3.3 027

The Cocoa Goodness? That one is going quickly. It is definitely my favorite. I had no idea dark chocolate could go so well with toasted oats. It makes for a “healthier” dessert choice: combine with plain Greek Yogurt and enjoy.

The Sweet Cranberry Pecan is a very close second! It fueled me through yesterday afternoon, as I worked and waited for RUN CLUB time!

3.3 042

Our initial group was small, due to some extenuating circumstances that kept a few of my fellow lulus from joining. But, I LOVE this picture and I love that it shoes where we started! A great 3 mile loop, keeping the pace where we could all run together.”

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Read all of Heather‘s AWESOME blog and discover her awesome health tips and recipes!