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The below is a guest blog by one of our founders, Maddy, taken directly from THE ULTIMATE E blog:

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Granola Bags

My dear friend Maddy Peri, owner and one of the founders of Love Grown Foods is one of the busiest women I know… even more so than I am and I exhaust myself sometimes. Anyways, here is this YOUNG entrepreneur who has done everything in her own power to get her business up and running (which yes, has included mixing and bagging her own product) and continues to this day, to travel the country, in an RV, “spreading the love.”

Call her crazy. Call her committed. Call her on a mission… whatever you call her, all I can say is that I call her REAL and that is the one thing that is separating her and her company from all the rest. She is REAL. She is sitting down with people, shaking their hands, getting to know them, listening to what they need, and then doing her part to deliver… it’s a beautiful thing.

Anyhoo, this was a blog post she shared with me the other day and I wanted to pass it on because I felt like it was a good, comprehensible concept that more of us young entrepreneurs should also implement in our own life…

Drop Everything

I arrive at the Indianapolis Airport, pass through security, and arrive at my gate to plop into a chair, dropping my bags to the ground. I stop. For the first time in what feels like weeks I just stop. I am not frantically checking my phone for emails, I am not texting to get in touch, I am not returning phone calls. I take in my surroundings—I see people, families…rather than just objects to avoid on my way from point A to point B.

In entrepreneurship you hit a tipping point when your business venture suddenly takes on more value (and it is no longer just an idea) and suddenly everything revolves around it. We forget that other things are happening, we start forgetting birthdays, we miss personal appointments, and we become blinded to the life we used to live by being fully consumed in running a business. For me, to stop and absorb my surroundings is not only rare, but often any “free moment” I have I feel as though I am either emptying my bladder or craving television (a way to take my mind off the business even for just five minutes).

As I sit here and watch people pass me by, I feel my brain relax and actually hear my breath.

It occurs to me how important STOPPING is.

Not that we can afford to do it too long or too often, remember to occasionally drop everything and just be. Even just 5 minutes can rejuvenate us.

So I just adore The Fray! Too much actually. They are such serious artists.

See! Real serious.


Fun facts about the Fray, THEY ARE FROM DENVER! We already have so much in common. But I digress…

In an attempt to show The Fray how much I, and Love Grown Foods, appreciate them, I took it into my own hands to send them a package of the Love! I did a little Google stalking, found their fan mail P.O. Box, and sent a big box of Oat Clusters and Love their way (with extra Cocoa Goodness. Yumm).

Life Lesson: Apparently you can’t send packages to a P.O. Box. I became familiar with this particular life lesson this morning when I received a sad undeliverable package.



So please The Fray. PLEASE! Come visit our Love Factory and pick up your simply delicious fan mail.

Lots of Love,

Laura the Love Bomb

The below was taken directly from the blog FOOD GAL CAROLYN JUNG:

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Sweet Cranberry Pecan granola. Look at all those lovely chunky clusters of oats.

My favorite summer lunch is one of the simplest: Just a bowl of fresh berries or cut-up peaches, plums and nectarines from the farmers market, topped with Greek yogurt and a handful of crunchy granola.

Oh, I know granola gets knocked at times for its high calories. But like anything, when eaten in moderation, it will nourish, satisfy and still leave you trim enough to squeeze into that skimpy swimming suit.

The makers of Love Grown Foods know all about that. Started by two University of Denver graduates, one a avid cyclist and the other a certified pilates instructor, the company set out to make nutritious, good-tasting “Oat Clusters & Love” perfect for active lifestyles.

The granola-like mixes are sweetened with agave nectar and honey. They are gluten-free, and contain no preservatives or artificial flavors. Each 1/4 cup serving has 120 to 130 calories, depending upon the variety.

Recently, I had a chance to try samples of the products, which are available on the company’s Web site for $4.99 per 12-ounce bag.

The granola comes in five flavors: Apple Walnut Delight (with apple, walnuts, sunflower seeds and cinnamon), Cocoa Goodness (with 63% chocolate and cocoa powder), Raisin Almond Crunch (with coconut and]milled flaxseed), Sweet Cranberry Pecan, and Simply Oats.

Each bag contains such a range of textures — from the soft, stickiness of the fruit to the crunch of the nuts, seeds and oats. What I especially liked was how there were some nice big clusters of oats intermixed with other more separated grains that you just wanted to pick out to eat with your fingers.

None were overly sweet at all. In fact, my favorite might have been the simplest: Simply Oats. With honey, agave and a nice touch of sea salt, it had a perfect balance.

Love Grown Foods might just have you at love from the first bite.

Winner of the Previous Contest: In last week’s Food Gal contest, I asked you to tell me about a time when you felt mighty — either physically, mentally or emotionally. The best answer will receive samples of new Mighty Leaf iced tea bags, along with a Bodum Iced Tea Pitcher.

Congrats to:

Laura L., who wrote, “I sat in front of my computer for a long time trying to think of the last time I felt mighty. This year has been pretty hard on me, since I have been going through a tough rehab (including back surgery) following an injury. I needed to stay in bed for days to heal, which was very hard since I am usually constantly in motion. The first day out of bed, every movement seemed mighty, because it was such a blessing to be able to be physically active. It is unfortunate that it took an injury to make me notice and appreciate my health, but I am grateful for the lesson.”

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And: Cornflake Cookies to Bake

The last few days we spent our time checking out Raleigh and Durham, North Carolina. The city is BEAUTIFUL! Much like the other southern cities we have been to, we have been blown away by the amount of trees and thick wooded forests. Who knew Denver didn’t have trees?? Well, certainly nothing like these. As Maddy would say- Ralegh feels like one big summer camp. Now all this town needs is one big ropes course to make it feel complete!!

Summer Camp

We spent our time here getting our butts kicked with the fabulous stroller strides moms,  passed out MAD LOVE to the people at Lake Johnson Park (which is beautiful by the way), and even got a chance to spend some time seeing the Duke University campus and Duke Gardens.

The Duke Gardens

During our stay in NC, we were camped out at one of our favorite budget hotels, the name of which we will keep to ourselves. Our first night, we were so pumped to climb into our spacious beds (quite an upgrade from the hallway we are used to living in in ELBY) when Maddy was greeted by a lovely creepy crawly creature. As great as cuddling is, we rather not do so with something that has 6 legs- so we immediately called the front desk and requested to be moved to the farthest room possible. Just picture the two of us on a Friday night at 11pm (amidst all the “regular” party goers) trekking our bags, which felt like at least 50 pounds, in our pajamas,  to our new room. What a sight we must have been- it seems as though all the most exciting adventures happen to Maddy and I while we are in our PJs!! After our stomachs hurt from laughing, and our backs ached from carrying ALL of our junk- we climbed into our new beds, free of creepy crawlers (at least we hope) and got a good night sleep in our hotel room.

Late Night Room Swap

Needless to say, North Carolina (along with it’s trees, bugs, and all) has treated us well!!

Off to Washington DC we go!!


with LOVE,



Yesterday morning we joined the moms (and dads) of Stroller Strides – Raleigh in Apex Park and got our butts kicked for a pre-4th of July EPIC workout! Danielle rocks and does a great job of incorporating things in for the kiddos while still ensuring you feel the burn!

It was a particularly special because some dads joined class too which was SO AWESOME!

We wrapped up class with loads of LOVE! It was a blast! The best start to our holiday weekend! CHEERS TO HEALTH, FREEDOM, AND LOVE!

Check more pictures on facebook! And be sure to look for a Stroller Strides class near you!

LOVE Always,