On Tuesday afternoon, right as the Fancy Food show was ending in DC, the LGF team made the executive decision to pack up Elby and Sweet Pea and head for the Rocky Mountains so we could participate in some very exciting things going on at the LOVE PAD! Despite this last minute change we were super excited to breathe the fresh Colorado air and start our 29 hour, 1782 mile journey so we packed up Elby and Sweet Pea right away and hit the open road!


A 29 hour road trip may sound horrible to the average sedan road tripper, however when traveling in a spacious 32ft bus armed with loads of snacks (thank you Fancy Food Show!), LOVE, cushy seats, and an iPod we were more than comfortable and antsy to get home!

Elby and Sweet Pea ROAD TRIP!

Our journey consisted of 1,782 miles, 9 states, 5 state capitols, 2 hotels, 1 3am fire alarm wake up call, endless hours of pandora, thousands of bug splatters, and LOTS of corn. Not to mention the many beautiful rivers, bodies of water, and national forests.


We learned along the way that the Virginias are a beautiful part of the country filled with rolling hills, rivers and forests. Also that the country as a whole is constantly under road construction, that St Louis has a hectic freeway system (especially when traveling in a large vehicle), and that kansas has a LOT of corn (along with the worlds largest largest prairie dog).


We were fortunate to be able to see so many beautiful parts of the country but are more than happy to be back in CO where there are snow caped mountains, the sun is shining, and the air is clean!! WOO HOO!

GET READY COLORADANS: ELBY may be coming to a city near you :)


On another note- it’s time to announce the winner of our first ever BLOG POST giveaway!! Congratulations to Wendy who hopes (and now WILL!)  lose the love by spreading at  her great aunt’s retirement community!! You totally rock! Send us an email with your address and favorite flavor of LOVE to and the LOVE will be at your doorstep soon!!

Thanks to everyone who participated and stay tuned for LOADS of epic blog giveaways to come! You guys are awesome!!

XC Foodie Review

The below excerpt post is taken directly from the blog XC FOODIE:

*                   *                     *                    *                      *

Love Grown Foods Original Agave Granola

I was sent granola to try from Love Grown Foods (opinions are totally my own!). I tried each flavor alone. I found all of them to be very dry and super crunchy, so they would probably be best mixed with milk or yogurt, but definitely still taste fine on their own. The thing that struck me the most was that the clusters are huge! I hate when you get granola and it’s all crumbled apart. They also do not skimp on the fruit and nut mix-ins. Love Grown Food does not mess around – this granola has everything I could ask for in a granola.


hugh jass clusters right there.

It’s also good for you! Chock full of gluten free whole grains, healthy fats from the nuts, and naturally sweetened. There are no genetically modified ingredients, preservatives, hydrogenated oils, or artifical flavors.


First I tried Sweet Cranberry Pecan which is Gluten-free toasted oats, honey, agave, dried cranberries, and pecans.

Upon opening the bag, I was instantly hit with a vanilla cinnamon aroma. You look in the bag and you see the oats, pecans, cranberries, sunflower seeds, and big flakes of coconut. It tastes “warm”, sweet, and reminds me of the fall.


Next I tried Simply Oats – gluten free toasted oats, honey, agave.

This flavor came in a sample bag rather than a regular sized bag. This one was my favorite. It was a very basic, super crunchy granola. In a way it reminded me of graham crackers. I loved the simplicity of it and that there was nothing to distract from the plain granola taste.


Following that I tried Cocoa Goodness – gluten free toasted oats, honey, agave, cocoa powder, and dark chocolate.

It looks like chocolate, it smells like chocolate, and it tastes like chocolate. Therefore I love it. The only thing that disappoints is that it is so dry, since I associate chocolate with richness that you don’t quite get with granola. Regardless, chocolate is fabulous and occasionally you got a chunk that was super chocolatey, which was a nice surprise every now and then. The chunks of granola in this flavor were HUGE, I would assume that is because the chocolate melts a bit so they stick together easier.


Last I tried Raisin Almond Crunch – gluten free toasted oats, honey, agave, raisins, and almonds.

This flavor is essentially the same as the sweet cranberry pecan, except you get raisins and almonds instead of cranberries and pecans. It was a little “cooler” than the sweet cranberry pecan too and didn’t remind me of autumn. I personally liked the sweet cranberry pecan better, but I prefer pecans over almonds so it’s all just a matter of taste preferences! It was still very good.

If I had to rank them from my favorite to least favorite, I would go with Simply Oats, Cocoa Goodness, Sweet Cranberry Pecan, and then Raisin Almond Crunch. I would eat any of them in a heart beat and would highly recommend them for any granola fiend. They also have a flavor called Apple Walnut Delight, which I did not have the opportunity to try but I wish I did! I bet that would have ranked either 2nd or 3rd favorite.

I also love eating this granola as a preworkout snack, as I did for my run today:


Fuel of champions. It’s great for those times when you feel a little hungry, but not enough to really eat much, so a handful does the trick. No one likes being struck with a talking tummy mid workout.

How do you like your granola? I like it with lots of clusters and mix-ins.

Favorite Pancake Mix-in? banana or chocolate chips.

Have you ever had any issues with workout machines? I drop my ipod all the time. I’ve also fallen off the elliptical and pedaled so fast on the bike that I broke the straps.

Okay okay last time: Featured Food Friday. Click that link if you don’t know what that is. Tomorrow. Oat Bran. Email me. Kthxbye.

The below was taken directly from the blog THE LIFE AND LESSONS OF RACHEL WILKERSON:

*                     *                        *                      *                         *

That? Is an empty bag of granola.

I ate all but the crumbs before I got around to writing a review — so that should tell you something!

I’m going to get right to it: this granola is delicious. I’m picky about granola because most is loaded with sugar, but Love Grown has relatively low sugar (6-7 g per serving) and is SO much tastier than Bare Naked Fit, which is my staple. They sent me a bunch of flavors to try, and the raisin almond crunch was my hands-down favorite — and my mom and Eric both discovered it in the pantry and loved it too.

I typically eat granola with Greek yogurt, but I preferred this granola straight out of the bag or cereal-style with milk. The raisin almond crunch tastes exactly like an oatmeal cookie, so I often had a few nibbles after dinner when I wanted a little something sweet or ate a handful when I had a carb craving. It was satisfying and filling, because the granola is super hearty.

Want some yet?

Good — Love Grown Foods is going to give ONE lucky person THREE bags of the granola for herself!

To enter to win, go to the Love Grown Foods website and look around. Then come back and leave a comment on this post telling me what your perfect breakfast involving Love Grown would be. Like, “I’d like to eat the raisin almond crunch atop Greek yogurt while on a balcony overlooking a Greek beach.” (Right?!) Or “I’d like to eat the simply oats granola plain with a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice in California.”

You get the idea!

You have until Sunday July 17 at 11:59 PM PST to comment to enter! I’ll pick a winner at random and announce the winner next week.

Over and OUT!

Best Movie Ever?

Can you even question it? The combination of Kate Hudson’s witty humor and Matthew McConaughey’s goofy southern accent create a combination of the perfect explosion of cinematic genius.

It has also inspired this weeks BLOG GIVEAWAY. How to Lose the Love in 1o Days! (not because you want to, but because its just that delicious and you can’t stop eating it!)

Let me count the ways…

  1. Sprinkle the cocoa goodness over a melted marshmallow. Plus it gives you an excuse to have a bonfire. Bonus!
  2. Give it to someone you have a crush on! You can give Spread the Love a whole new meaning!
  3. Keep it in your glove compartment so that your traffic filled commutes home from work can be more bearable. Hey, if it catches on maybe people will start calling the glove compartment the LOVE compartment!
  4. Feed it to your horse! A healthy treat that both you and your horse friend can share!
  5. Donate it to charity! Check out the great work that all of our blogging friends and putting together to help one of their own.
  6. Feeding off of #3, talk yourself out of ticket with it! Any police officer I am sure will happily give you a warning in return for a handful of Sweet Cranberry Pecan!
  7. Top it on your salad for a healthy replacement for the boring crouton!
  8. KITCHEN EXPERIMENTS! Nothing is more fun then inventing a tasty treat of the LOVE! Check out our good friend Amie’s great Pistachio and Green Tea Cilantro Pesto!
  9. Throw it to the crowds at a parade. I know the 4th of July parades are over, but its never too early to start planning for next year, plus its a way healthier alternative to candy!
  10. Open up a few bags before hosting an Open House! You know what they say: A house will sell faster if it smells like a batch of fresh cookies, so thankfully Raisin Almond Crunch tastes and smells just like an oatmeal raisin cookie!

Comment on this post with how you Lose the Love, and you will be entered into a GIVEAWAY for a chance to win an entire case of the LOVE! How do you “Lose the Love”?

The below post was taken directly from the blog LIVING WITH A HEALTHY HUNGER:

*                      *                         *                        *                       *

Saturday morning was beautiful.


Which was fortunate for us at lululemon since we hosted Breakfast Yoga Club!


Led by Jenny Parum, of Jenny Parum Yoga, who helped open lululemon in Dallas.

DSC03337 DSC03338DSC03365 DSC03370 DSC03377

The morning was especially memorable since we surprised Jenny and asked her to be our newest yoga ambassador.

DSC03345 DSC03349


After building up an appetite, it was time to refuel and celebrate with some nutritious breakfast sponsored by the amazing people from Chobani and Love Grown Foods!

A variety of both: protein-packed Greek yogurt, and delicious, gluten-free granola.

DSC03385 DSC02151

The hungry crowd came marching in…

DSC03391 DSC03387 DSC03390

And everyone REALLY enjoyed this combination!

Chobani and Love Grown Foods have both been incredibly generous in showing support for several events we’ve hosted at the store. We are so appreciative!

DSC02149 DSC02152

Maddy, the co-founder of Love Grown Foods, is spreading LOVE all around the U.S. She is such a dear friend to me! Read about her adventures HERE.

DSC01638 DSC01640

I speak for the whole lululemon NorthPark team when I say, “THANK YOU!”

We loved getting to share your delicious products with our guests.


Have you ever been to an outdoor yoga class?

What’s your favorite yogurt + granola flavor combo?