You’ve got to admit, we are pretty cool. So cool in fact, we are going to give you, our loyal fans and love spreaders, the very secret first look into the exciting, exciting news about where we are going.

Where are we going might you ask? Okay, we’ll give you 3 hints.

Hint #1: It pulls in thousands of people from around the country oh so “naturally”.

Hint #2: It’s in the sunny city where Mickey and Minnie reside.

Hint #3: It starts with EX, and ends with PO WEST.

You are so smart. You guessed it! We’re heading to NATURAL PRODUCTS EXPO WEST!

The love gang will be hitting the road in March, heading straight for Anaheim to SPREAD THE LOVE to over 50,000 visitors. That means lots of preparations, including making our yummy Oat Clusters and Love around the clock, tuning up the LOVE BUS (top secret details soon to come), and obviously, having bi-hourly dance parties to work off our excitement for EXPO WEST 2011!

It’s going to be a long road ahead (quite literally) but we are STOKED! Make sure to check up on this blog to get all the agave sweetened details about Expo West as we take our first steps towards sunny California. ANAHEIM OR BUST!

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