This morning Ashley and I met up in Fort Collins to join the moms of recently launched FIT 2b ME workout class!! It was the most perfect day–crisp and clear–and topped off with an EPIC workout followed by post-workout breakfast of LOVE GROWN FOODS Parfaits!

The kiddos were SO cute and LOVED the LOVE (every mom’s dream)! Snacks that are convenient AND healthy = TOTALLY PERFECT!

This great program recently launched by two incredible women! Here’s the scoop:

Fit 2b Me is a fitness community for women in Northern Colorado.

[They] specialize in fitness classes, event training, and wellness education that:

* Recognize a woman’s unique roles, needs and goals at every stage of life

* Provide her with a socially supportive environment where she can find her “fit”

Come join [them] and see where you “fit” in…Your 1st week of unlimited classes are FREE!


Spread LOVE,

Today was an AWESOME day! It started off with a gorgeous Colorado sunrise, followed by a perfect, crisp fall day. It was TOPPED OFF with a very special visit from some AWESOME Super Fans! About a year ago, while SPREADING THE LOVE every week at the Cherry Creek Farmers Market, I met Kelly and her two incredibly cute daughters, Macy and Morgan. It was a delightful ritual to be greeted by these 3 lovely ladies on a weekly basis when they would pick up their regular bags of Apple Walnut Delight. They became such AWESOME fans that last October we featured Macy as our CONSUMER OF THE MONTH!

Winter came and went, then spring, and by summer Love Grown Foods had grown almost as much as Macy and Morgan! Unfortunately, this summer we didn’t do the Cherry Creek Farmers market and we didn’t have our weekly visits from some of our 3 favorite fans. I received an email from Kelly while I was on the road in ELBY the LOVE BUS and knew a reunion was in order. So today, after returning from our NATIONWIDE TOUR and after Kelly, Macy and Morgan had welcomed their newest family member Cooper, the 4 of us got together at the LOVE PAD!

It was the best part of my day! These girls are adorable…and their baby brother is precious. We had a tour of the whole facility and even took a walk through ELBY the LOVE BUS (who was probably the highlight)! It was a true highlight having such special visitors to the LOVE PAD!


Spread LOVE,

Longevity Test + GIVEAWAY

Often with health, we take it day by day, but it is important to have a long-term vision. A couple months ago, HEALTH MAGAZINE featured an article and quiz to test your longevity. I had both Alex and myself take it. My potential age is 101 and Alex’s is 83. It shows how small things are over-looked and they can add so many years to your life (i.e. flossing, eating less red meat, good sleep).

TEST YOURSELF! Take this Longevity Test and get a better idea of how your day-to-day actions and your genetics play a role into the next 30, 40, 50, 60+ years of your life.

My results on this said I would live to be 97 years old and showed how there are still things I can do on a regular basis to add even more years to my life (working less being one of the big ones)!

Let us know your score and what you are going to do to LIVE HEALTHIER and we will pick one lucky winner to receive LOADS OF our WHOLE GRAIN goodness to be sure your start your day off right and are getting plenty of those good complex carbohydrates! Winner will be chosen on Friday September 23rd! GAME ON! Cheers to HEALTH, LONGEVITY and LOVE!!!

Picture Taken From MEET VIRGINIA'S Love Grown Review

This morning we served LOADS OF LOVE to all the AWESOME riders who came out to support Crayons to Calculators! To make sure they were fueled properly for their 40 mile ride (and so their stomachs could absorb the beer along the way), we loaded them up with LOVE! Crayons to Calculators ‘is a school-supply drive created to ensure that local students in Boulder, CO head back to school with the tools they need to succeed.’

“Why [they] do it: There are more than 13,000 kids in Boulder Valley and St. Vrain Valley school districts who qualify for free and reduced lunch—an indicator of poverty. The cost of basic school supplies ($50–$70 per student), presents a financial burden for many of these kids’ families. Crayons to Calculators aims to cut that cost and move one step closer to eliminating the achievement gap. Having the right school supplies is a critical first step to help a student achieve higher literacy levels, improve academic performance, and graduate. It also enables schools to operate more effectively.”

Lou the Box Guy organized the event. He was super stoked to spread the LOVE and we were thrilled to support the cause!

Huge shout out to all the riders who came out!

Venus de (67) Miles

Sunday morning Alex and I woke up before the sun! We headed up north in ELBY the LOVE BUS for what would be a LONG but EPIC day of fun! Our good friend, Jen, from 34 Degrees Crisp Breads, rallied a crew of girls to ride in the Venus de Miles, while the boys worked one of the rest stops spreadin’ the LOVE!

It was a very spontaneous, last-minute decision for me to ride…especially when Jen said 67miles! But the day couldn’t have been any better! Here’s a summary on what VENUS DE MILES is all about:

“Venus de Miles is a lot of things – a celebration of sisterhood, support for Greenhouse Scholars, and crazy fun – but one thing it’s not is a race. So, don’t be afraid to walk your bike up that hill, stop to listen to a band, and, most importantly, enjoy yourself.

provides comprehensive personal and financial support to high-performing, under-resourced college students. Using our unique Whole Person© approach, which offers intellectual, academic, professional, and financial support, we are cultivating the next generation of community leaders. The day our Scholars leave college, they’ll be prepared to succeed in their professional endeavors and make significant contributions in their communities.”

This incredible event was such a blast to be a part of! It was amazing to see so many women riders…2,500 of them all riding together for such an amazing cause! The day was long, but the rest stops full of great people and delicious treats kept us going! We climbed from Longmont to Jamestown up to Lyons and over to Hygiene…67 miles and 4.5hours later we returned to Longmont…exhausted but with a huge feeling of accomplishment!

It was great to know that only my 6th time on my bike this year that I could put in close to 70miles. Luckily summer is still lingering so I can rack up some more rides before the snow begins to fall!


Spread LOVE,