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This morning I met up with the amazing Maddy, from Love Grown Foods, for a cup of coffee.  She came up from Denver and we headed to The Bean Cycle, my favorite Ft. Collins coffee shop!

Maddy has been on the road for the past few months, spreading the LOVE, so it was great catching up with her!  We’ve become really good friends, since meeting at the Cherry Creek farmer’s market, last summer in Denver.

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How cute is their company Prius??  The super generous Maddy, left me with a giant box of granola samples + full size bags.

photo 4 (3)

Cannot wait to dig in!!  Their granola makes my mouth quite happy. :) They use gluten free oats, and super high quality ingredients.  It has the perfect crunch and lightly sweetened.  Everything I love about granola.

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The goods!  Plus an adorable t-shirt.  Check back for a giveaway of mini LOVE sometime this week!

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Ah, I know! I’ll combine two of my favorite snacks – yogurt + granola / mock apple crumble – into one meal. I will turn these three things…

apple pie a la mode

….into a light, yet filling, and healthy, yet tastes like dessert, breakfast recipe!

Apple Pie a la Mode Yogurt Bowl

apple pie a la mode 3

  • 1 container frozen vanilla Greek yogurt
  • 1/2 cup granola – Love Grown, but of course!
  • 1 apple
  • 1/2 tsp xanthan gum
  • 1/2 tsp all spice seasoning

Chop the apple into one inch even pieces and place in a microwave safe dish. Sprinkle with the all spice seasoning. Microwave on high for 2 – 3 minutes. Or however else you like to get warm “baked” apples if you’re fancy and don’t believe in microwaves.

Spoon the frozen Greek yogurt into a blender or food processor and add the 1/2 tsp xanthan gum. Blend until it becomes a thick, almost ice-cream like consistency.

Serve both in a dish with the granola. That’s it!

apple pie a la mode 4

Thank the sweet heavens for delectable (and easy!) breakfasts like this! Excuse me while I eat my dessert breakfast. Have a great Friday!

Jen is Green Review

The below post is taken directly from the blog JEN IS GREEN:

Love Grown Foods recently sent me some of the granola to try out.


So far I’ve tried the Raisin Almond Crunch.


The granola is made of gluten free toasted oats, honey, agave, raisins and almonds. It is also free of refined sugar, trans-fats, artificial flavors, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, preservatives and genetically modified ingredients. Score!


I topped my cereal with some this morning! It added such a nice crunch to the cereal, and I loved the Cinnamony flavor of the granola. It’s going to be hard to not eat the whole bag of this stuff, I can’t wait to try the other flavors. LOVE.



If you have checked out our TEAM PAGE you will see that ELBY the LOVE BUS looks up to Fire Trucks. So it only made sense that we pay a visit to our local firestation, bring loads of LOVE and check out these heroic trucks ourselves. We hit up AURORA FIRE STATION 8…the BEST Fire Station in Denver Metro…!

ELBY was PUMPED to be STOKED! She was in sheer bliss lining herself up with the big, red fire trucks. Becs and I delivered the LOVE to all the AWESOME firemen. And let me tell you…these guys sure do eat…so we made sure we had LOADS of LOVE!

Then Becs and I got the GRAND TOUR of the station and EVEN got to try on the uniform! That thing is heavy! It just confirms that Fire Fighters are totally burly–making them even bigger heroes.

Then we got to use the FIRE HOSES and SPRAY MASSIVE STREAMS OF WATER!! These trucks carry 500 gallons of water and they have all sorts of levers and buttons you can push and pull!

Lastly, Tom showed us how they spew water out of the fire hydrants! SOOO COOL!

Let’s just say this LOVE SPREADIN’ outing made our ENTIRE WEEK and pretty much made ELBY’S life! HUGE SHOUT OUT TO THE AMAZING FIREMEN OF AURORA STATION 8!!! You guys rock our socks!


As a THANK YOU to our amazing employees and out of our sheer LOVE for the mountains, our team escaped last Thursday for a weekend trip to the mountains. It was BEYOND EPIC and our FIRST EVER Company Retreat! To say the least, it was exhausting, hilarious and phenomenal all in one!

It started with our drive to Aspen. We piled into our cars and caravaned through the mountains up and over Independence Pass to arrive late Thursday in Aspen.

Independence Pass always fills us with joy, however, because we always make friends.

Once arriving at the LOVE HAUS (aka Maddy’s parents’ house that they so generously let us borrow) and being the foodies we are, we whipped up some delicious dinner and feasted. Then, the games began and by games we mean APPLES TO APPLES–such a ridiculous game!

Friday half the team was up early. Alex, Ben, Baxter and Dan had decided if they didn’t do anything else, they at least must summit Independence Pass on their bikes. Let me break this down for you: 18 miles of pure incline and 4,000 feet in elevation gain and 7am departure…BEYOND BRUTAL! As soon as they returned (3+ hours later) we rallied the troops and headed up Ashcroft where we hiked to Cathedral Lake. Breakdown: 3.5 miles and 1,400 foot elevation gain…KILLER! Not realizing the intensity level of this climb (one of my favorites), I had to keep the spirits high and with 1.5 hours left began telling the troops, “We are SO close! Just around the corner you’ll see the final ascent!” Let’s just say, half the team almost killed me, but we all made it to the top and feasted on our gourmet sandwiches, Rocky Mountain Popcorn and chips!

It was a long, EPIC adventure that wore the team out. We spent the afternoon chillin’, while sippin’ some local brew and margaritas while watching the sunset over the small little ski town from one of the best lookout points (a local’s secret).

Fajita dinner topped it off! We feasted yet again and refueled on some deliciousness.

Saturday we spent cruisin’ town and site seeing. We ate BIG WRAP while gazing at the majestic mountains of Maroon Bells…

…the same peaks you find on our Oat Clusters & LOVE bags:

And we obviously had to take a FAMILY PHOTO with the EPIC backdrop!

To summarize the weekend each team member gave a TWEET out of LOVE…CHECK IT OUT!

Aspen = Breathtaking | Love Grown Foods = <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 -- DAN the (Raisin Almond) MAN

Aspen Extreme – inspiring weekend in the Aspen #thinair (stilloutofbreath) the @LoveGrownFoods team rocks — Jason Long Legs

So much fun with the team at the 1st Love Retreat! Extreme biking, hiking, and food! What could be better?! — Baxter the Pace

The never ending stairmaster to heaven! — Becca Buns of Steel

Aspen my love, my dear love, how you hurt me so bad, but how you feel so good — Alex the Machine

LGF Aspen Extreme= 2xIndependence Pass(drive+bike)+Maroon Bells #popinbottles+@MaddyD’Amato #we’realmostthere — Ben the Mountain Man

I never knew the altitude of Aspen would kick me in the butt as much as it did, until I discovered it was Denver X 2. #WIgirlproblems. — Laura we Adora