This weekend team LOVE went around gifting LOVE to goblins, vampires, princesses, and cowboys alike! We served up some LOVE to hungry halloween’ers after their annual Halloween Parade. We met the owner of the newest addition to Denver’s health and wellness scene, Barre3 Exercise and Fitness Studio, which will be opening early this winter. Wohooo!

Happy Halloween all! LOTS and LOTS of LOVE!
-Team Love Ambassador Katie Apple Walnut Delight!

Our friends Kelly and Macy!

This month Alex and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary! It was perfect timing with our sales trip to Canada–so we could SPREAD THE LOVE while celebrating LOVE in the beautiful and fabulous city of Toronto!

Toronto is WONDERFUL. We fell in LOVE with it! The European feel, the progressive and “green” mentality, and the primary sport being hockey…we could move there! Our 3 day trip was busy with meetings and LOVE SPREADING, but we definitely made time to sight see.

Alex and I checked out the ROM — the Royal Ontario Museum. There were so many fun things to see! We also learned some cool facts. Check it out:


The feature exhibition was amazing and truly a sign of our times: David Hockney’s fresh flowers: Drawings on the iPhone and iPad . What an incredible tribute to Steve Jobs, his legacy will forever live on. David Hockney has captured art in a playful way, while illustrating the role technology plays in our lives.

The ROM explains, “This cutting-edge exhibition reveals David Hockney‘s extraordinary use of a new medium, and its impact on shaping visual culture today. Hockney is one of the world’s most acclaimed contemporary artists.”

We also had the FABULOUS opportunity to meet a LOVE-FAN, Katie who TOTALLY ROCKS OUR SOCKS OFF!

To top it off (no pun intended), we visited the CN Tower and saw a 360* view of Toronto!

Towering over the city at 1,465 feet it felt like we were on top of the world!




CHEERS TO LOVE and an amazing anniversary!

Spread LOVE,


The below was taken directly from the blog FOOD FITNESS FUN:

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I can’t believe it’s already 1pm and I’m just having a chance to sit down and get things done today!! My sweet sister in law is pregnant with her 2nd baby and has been put on bed rest, so today was my day to help her and watch her little snuggle bunny, look at this face?! Isn’t he adorable?? He’ll be a big brother in just a few months…


After I put him down for a nap and said bye to his mommy, Aiden and I headed home for lunch and now my little bear is down for a nap so I can have a bit of free time before the other two come home from school and our night of Halloween fun starts!

My breakfast was nothing special, same thing I’ve been having every morning this week, except I ate it on the road.  But lunch, lunch was a good one, and brought to you buy a company almost everyone in the blog world knows about, Love Grown Granola.


I tried the Sweet Cranberry Pecan today and I get it now! When Love Grown started popping up on blogs, I didn’t really get the hype, now that I’ve tried it…holy granola! I get it!!!

With its award-winning flavor, our Sweet Cranberry Pecan is the perfect combination of tart cranberries and toasted clusters of pecans and whole grain rolled oats. Our cranberries are sweetened with apple juice concentrate, rather than sugar or cane juice, allowing their full flavor to explode and making this the perfect topping to your yogurt or a healthy snack! Plus, instead of using refined sugars or artificial sweeteners, we only use honey and agave to sweeten our products. Natural, healthy and DELICIOUS is what we’re all about!


  • Kroger Carbmaster Tropical Fruit Yogurt (2P+)
  • Chia Seeds (1P+)
  • Love Grown Granola, Sweet Cranberry Pecan (3P+)
  • Kiwi (0P+)


If you’re looking for a granola that’s not overly sweet, full of clusters, search no more! Head to your nearest store and pick up a bag, you’ won’t be sorry! The little slivers of coconut…YUM!!! Each little piece was perfectly coated with just enough sweetness and flavor without being over-powering. A winning combo in my book!


Just look at that granola goodness?! Thanks Love Grown for the chance to try your granola blends, can’t wait to try the other flavors!

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Hey guys! :D

Today I thought I’d give y’all a review on Love Grown granola! They pride themselves on all-natural ingredients and products made with love and care. Tasty food that’s good for you and an ingredient list that I can pronounce?? YES PLEASE!

Thanks again Laura for letting me try your product!

**Note: they did not pay me to do this review, I had contacted them for a sample and these are just my opinions. :)


Sooooo last Friday, I was pleasantly greeted by the most AMAZING package EVER!!! Seriously, these people rock. Check it out…

I decided to bring the box home over the weekend so I could let my parents sample them too. Let’s just say they were as stoked as me haha

My mom and I were the first ones to dig in, my dad was still at work and we didn’t want to wait any more ;) My mom also decided to be the hand model haha

First up: Sweet Cranberry Pecan

We both agreed it was extremely crunchy and fresh tasting. I could really taste the cranberry with a hint of pecan at the end. Overall, we gave it a 9/10!

Next: Raisin Almond Crunch

This one had more of a subtle flavor compared to the cranberry granola. The raisins really came out in the after taste, and the coconuty-ness was to die for! Overall, we gave it a 7/10.

Next: Cocoa Goodness

I’m not a chocolate fan, so I passed on trying this one. My mom said it was tasty and she thinks it would be a great companion with coffee. Overall she gave it a 7/10!

Finally: Simply Oats

(we were in our PJ’s when we did this haha)

This had the absolute purest flavor! I can’t even descibe how clean and fresh it tasted, just plain awesome man. My dad had one of the snack bags when he got home from work and he FLIPPED. We agreed it deserved a 9/10 for sure!

After trying them straight up, on Saturday I wanted to try them paired with other things…

First I tried the Raisin Almond Crunch in milk like cereal–

Verdict? HOLY WOW!!! I loved this flavor so much more in milk than just plain. It was the tastiest breakfast combo! I highly recommend it :D

Later in the day, I had the Sweet Cranberry Pecan in some vanilla greek yogurt–

Yet again, I was absolutley blown away. I loved this flavor the best when we tried them plain, but when I put it in yogurt I knew it was the BEST! It added the perfect crunch with a blast of sweetness from the cranberry. The vanilla yogurt complimented it so well! :D

So, I REALLLYYYY loved this stuff, I mean HARDCORE ADDICT right here! I’m so thrilled they gave me the opportunity to try such a delicious product. I definitely recommend it, I’m gonna stock up at the store when I run out ;)

Thanks again Love Grown Foods!