The below was taken directly from the blog LESLEY LIFTING LIFE:

Love Grown Foods

As I previously mentioned, Love Grown Foods was kind enough to send me a package full of their granola to try out on Lesley Lifting Life.BBBB Cocoa Goodness:

Sweet Cranberry Pecan:

Raisin Almond Crunch:

I really loved them all, and I’m not sure if I could even pick a favorite.  Though I must say, the almonds in the Raisin Almond Crunch were perfect!!

They’re all highly recommended. Thanks, Love Grown Foods.

So yesterday I posted the TOP 7 REASONS WHY ELBY MAKES A TOUGH TRAVEL BUDDY…but I must clarify, I LOVE ELBY. Elby is a true delight…hence the reason I have 10 reasons why she rocks and ONLY 7 why she doesn’t. So let the list begin:

#10- Driving Elby is like being a turtle. (You travel with your home on your back.)

#9- She get’s the party started. (When we pull up to a park and everyone looks, you know we are about to bring some LOVE! Sometimes I consider getting a fog machine just so when I open the door we can make a bigger entrance…!)

#8- You always make new friends. (People can’t deny the LOVE.)

#7- You get to see the nation.

#6- She sleeps 6…can you say SLEEPOVER?!

#5- You always get noticed.

#4- You never forget anything–everywhere you go you have all that you brought…EPIC.

#3- She is one giant, moving billboard: SPREAD LOVE!

#2- You never go hungry (I mean, she has had up to 1,500lbs of Oat Clusters & LOVE!)



Huge shout out to the moms of Stroller Strides Grapevine! We had such a blast with them Monday morning and their awesome instructor who works you head from toe…inside out: Farrah! Despite getting lost amidst the crazy highway construction, we finally arrived and immediately hopped into a tough workout. As we dodged muddy patches, Farrah ensured that every major muscles was not only working…but BURNING! It was awesome! Class ended just in time before another storm rolled in! It was perfect!

Post workout LOVE:

Love Grown = healthy babies = happy mommies

Farrah is an incredible instructor with high energy and great knowledge on the body! It was such a pleasure joining her and her awesome class!

Below is taken directly from the blog EATING BENDER:

*    *   *

(Wine stain on the TV tray not included. Yikes.)

“…Originally, Bobby and I were thinking of hot soup on Saturday. But for once, the temperatures in Chicago rose above the freezing level, and chilled soup seemed much more appealing. Even better when there is granola involved.

I received a few samples from Love Grown Foods recently and so far, they have all tasted amazing. The above is their Apple Walnut Delight, which had huge chunks of walnuts and dried apple. It certainly lived up to its delightful name.

Combined with one cup of orange juice, one ripened banana, Vega Shake & Go and copious cups of frozen blueberries and strawberries, a meal was served in seconds flat…”

Below are the 7 reasons why sometimes I question our decision to truck around the nation in a 32 foot bus…

#7. High winds and severe weather make things quite interesting. (i.e. when I get warned that Dallas may receive 157inches of rain, I ask myself, “Does Elby float?!”)

#6.  She is like a tortoise when it comes to hills…you just have to sit back, be patient and watch everyone else zip by.

#5. Trees are her nemesis…low hanging branches (found in most parks, city side streets and fun places) are simply not Elby’s friends and holes on the roof are not good.

#4. Parking. Let’s just say finding parking for a 32 foot bus is not easy…and parallel parking adds a whole new element.

#3. There is no such thing as going under cover. Pretty much we scream CHECK US OUT…which sometimes brings over some interesting characters who whip up conversation.

#2. She is noisy–all those bumpy highways leave you feeling rattled after a long day on the road and she really is never quite.

And #1. She is a GAS GUZZLER…but then again, thank goodness we have Sweet Pea the Prius to make up for the gas mileage!