And So It Grows…

Today we had a meeting with the manager of the City Market in Aspen…AND WE ARE GOING TO SOON BE IN THE STORE!!!! This is every exciting and major news! Come July we are going to be at the end of an isle with 100 bags of LOVE GROWN “Original Agave Naturals”! Not only will we be in the Aspen City Market, but also the ones in El Jabel and Glenwood! This is HUGE!

We are so thrilled and grateful for this opportunity–once again we cannot thank our friends, family, and devoted customers enough! We couldn’t have done it without you!

Live Free!

Consumer Feedback

“I am so excited to try the best, and the coolest original agave naturals, created and grown through the roots of love, i admire the genius behind this product and wish I could enjoy a bowl with you guys!”

~Aubree from Tempe, Arizona


I Just wanted  to say how proud I am of you guys! Making the
world a better place one tasty treat at a time! I can’t wait to pick
up a bag at my local grocer and support the cause!
~Kokee, Washington D.C.